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Club issues contact Club Manager, Marty Martineau at

FRA 290


Tommy Stephens, President
Monty Steele, Vice President
Bill Ayres, Treasurer
Ed Allen, Secretary
Fred Hill, Chaplain
Marty Martineau, Master-At-Arms


Dennis Ringheimer, Club President
Marty Martineau, Club Manager
Clen Ward, Assistant Club Manager


Kristy Martineau, President
Angeline Yarbrough, Vice President
Tracy Lown Farthing, Treasurer
Christine Ryan, Executive Secretary
Crystal Kincade, Sergeant-At-Arms

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Branch 290

Atlantic Beach, Florida

What Is The FRA?

FRA Branch 290 is a local affiliated branch of the Fleet Reserve Association. The FRA is a congressional chartered non-profit organization that has represented the interests of the Sea Services community before the U. S. Congress since 1924. Our membership is comprised of current and former enlisted members of the U. S. Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard.

In addition to its legislative advocacy efforts, FRA assists its members with career problems by maintaining close liaison with the Departments of Defense, Veterans Affairs, Homeland Security, and other government agencies. FRA continues to educate members of Congress, many of whom have little or no military experience, on the challenges facing career personnel.

Branch 290

FRA Branch 290 was chartered over 50 years ago and exists to provide its members with a place to assemble and participate in matters of the Sea Services Community. This allows our members to keep informed and to continue to locally serve our Nation and support our Veterans. We accomplish this by coordinating and maintaining a liaison between the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard personnel in the Mayport area and the general public. We also provide our members with facilities for fraternal, social, charitable and recreational activities.

FRA Unit 290

FRA Unit 290 is a unit associated with the Ladies Auxiliary of the Fleet Reserve Association (LA FRA). Unit 290 has been chartered for over 32 years, and exists to aid assist and promote all matters pertaining to the welfare, social, and patriotic works of the FRA, its members and their families. The FRA plays an active role in the local community by promoting youth activities, Americanism, and charitable causes. Unit 290 sponsors and assists their local communities with their memorial ceremonies and patriotic events. They also participate in social events such as dances, luncheons, picnics and fund-raising activities.

Membership is open to all enlisted personnel (active duty, reserve, retired and veteran) of the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. Commissioned Officers of the sea services, who have at least one day of prior enlisted service are eligible. Personnel of other branches of the U.S. Armed Forces who have prior honorable enlisted service in one of the three sea services are also eligible for membership. Annual membership dues are $40.

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